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on Jan 6, 2011 in Digital Darkroom, Technology

Perfect Resize 7 is Perfect!

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I’m always so pleased when one of my favorite images is liked by someone else. I like it even more when they show their pleasure by buying a print. This shot taken on the ramp at Reno one early morning of the F4U Corsair is a very popular print order. The latest order though required a little more, as in 63×42″ more! I had no doubt the information was there in the file to make it happen, the question was, what was the best way to size the file up. Ever since CS3, I’ve relied on Photoshop to res up my files since I rarely go beyond the size of the Epson 7900. This print was going in a hangar and bigger was better. I knew I needed more then CS5 to res it up so instantly thought of Genuine Fractal. And lucky for me, it has been updates and is now Perfect Resize 7 and it rocks!

It’s pretty darn simple. Knowing I was going to print with a Epson 9900 on roll paper, I sized the print to 42″ and Perfect Resize 7 scaled it. Note I have Constrain Proportions only checked. There are a whole bunch of more cool options I didn’t need this time, one of them I want to call your attention to is Canvas Wrap. If you’re into that, this IS THE tool! I played with it just to see it and it’s cool! In the process of sizing up, you can also sharpen the file.

It does an amazing job! Running the Dell m6500 with 64bit & 12GB of memory, it took just under 24min to size up a 465MB file up to 1.92GB. The reason the original file is so large are all the layers. The reason I didn’t flatten it is because Perfect Resize 7 doesn’t require you to flatten and I just wanted to see if it works. And it does! And the final print, the client & I were very pleased with the end result and another order was placed. You can’t ask more from a Photoshop pluggin if you ask me. So if you’re in resize hell or you’re going really big, Perfect Resize 7 is the ticket!