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on Jan 10, 2011 in Landscape Photography

Pavement & Cement?

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There is one aspect of my work that I really, truly hate. Jake & I headed down to the desert to do a little scouting & then R&R shooting. In route we went through Banning Pass, just north of Palm Springs. What seems like a lifetime ago, I did quite a bit of work in that area. One of those projects was to photograph this endangered critter, the Delhi Sands Flower Loving Fly. At the time, only 1 photo of this critter existed so F&W needed one for the public record. This is the only critter in my entire career that nearly killed me, but that’s another story. Another project was for this other critter the endangered Coachella Valley Fringe-toed Lizard. This is a fascinating critter that made a fool of me but it was so much fun to photograph it. Why am I blogging these photos that are 20 & 24yrs old and what is I hate about my work?

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We were driving down I10 and I was looking at the amazing amount of development that has occurred in the area. It has been perhaps seven or eight years since I traveled down this section of I10 and it was incredibly depressing (pointed out a canyon we fought three years to preserve but lost, Jake just said, “That’s a lot of houses!” Then we drove past the sites where I photographed these endangered critters. What I saw was pavement and cement, there was no more sand, no more critters. The one site the building that had been built was closed up and abandoned. The location developed for a business that already went out of business? It’s really hard to go past a location and think of all that was there, what I photographed now all under blacktop. It’s probably just me but what society does just for money really fries me at times! I just don’t get it. I also know on the flip side some say, “It’s just a fly and a lizard, get over it.” I just hope some day some alien race doesn’t come to earth with the same attitude. “It’s just some humans, get over it.” I hate this aspect of my work.