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on Jan 28, 2011 in Great Stuff, Technology

And How Was it Shot?

A common and good question I receive a lot is, “How’d you shoot that” whenever I post a product shot. Because I’m a wildlife photographer, what I know about lighting? Since I don’t have a permanent studio, I keep it really simple because I just hate setting it up and taking it down. What I do now is what you see, attached to two Manfrotto 1004BAC stands are two Lastolite EzyBoxes. Inside of them are two SB-900s which are triggered TTL via the Pocket Wizard Mini TT1 (which rock since you don’t have to play “bend the flash” for the sensors). I used my favorite studio lens, the 70-180macro on the D3x and went click. Oh yeah, my white background? The Epson 24×30 Exhibition paper box (it was handy). Then in post, I simply lowered the opacity of the Wimberley. Keeping it simple.