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on Feb 12, 2011 in Wildlife Photography, Yellowstone Life

5min & Snow Make Magic Happen!

I do love watching and photographing Bison. Next to Grizzly Bear, they are probably my largest file. Spring when the calves are born and winter are my favorite times with them. In my mind though, the winter works only when it looks like winter which I think takes more then the white stuff on the ground. It takes some knowledge and some luck.

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Living in the Sierra where we can watch snow storms rolls gives one some insight about coming storms. So there we are cruising through lower geyser basin when we come up to a good lookin herd close to the road and more importantly, frontlit. Even more importantly is the storm I see behind the herd, real dark clouds coming our way. Since the herd was “bare” that depending storm is the only reason we stopped.

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And it stormed! Big, beautiful flakes fell and at times obliterated the herd. We didn’t run for cover but rather, kept on shooting. There were some marvelous photos taken in this “bad” weather. Some of the best photography is in the worst weather!

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The snow flurry lasted perhaps 20min top and then blew out. The storm didn’t phase the Bison, didn’t phase the photographers but most certainly improved the photography. Knowing some biology, combining that with photography and adding in the magic of Mother Nature’s weather and you’ve got the recipe for great Yellowstone photography!

Photos captured by D3x, 200-400VR2 on Lexar UDMA digital film