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on Feb 15, 2011 in Landscape Photography, Yellowstone Life

YA Wk2 D1-2

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Then….the sun creeped over the ridge line and lit up the hoar frost on the pines across the river. OMG, it was gorgeous! I instantly grabbed the 200-400, zoomed to 400mm and made the clicks. Now the highlight bouncing off the water bothered me at first but it’s not driving me as nuts now.

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It was amazing to me how within heartbeats the color and mood of the light changed as the sun rose over the ridge. Why in the world did I even question the wisdom of doing back to back weeks in Yellowstone? All it takes is an open eye, mind and heart and the images come right up and smack you in the face! I can’t wait for tomorrow to come and see what the old girl will offer up to our lenses!