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on Feb 25, 2011 in B&W Photography

Road Warrior View

This movie requires Flash Player 9 Home for a few days, long enough to do some chores, some laundry, move snow, backed up images from the last two weeks onto the network drives, pat the dogs on the head, pack and back out the door we went. It’s that time of year again when I look in the mirror I see the road warrior view. This movie requires Flash Player 9 The Sierra is a magical place, one I’ve written about and shared in my images many times, I never get tired of them. They always seem to send us off and welcome us back without any conditions, just that we do comeback. We skirted out this time just as another big storm was coming in. You can see its beauty piled up over Mono Lake hiding the fact the fury that would be unleashed as the sun set. This movie requires Flash Player 9 We continued up the road without a hitch, just a gorgeous view as the...

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on Feb 24, 2011 in Just Out!

Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 is here!

It’s no secret I’m a HUGE fan of Silver Efex Pro, it puts ALL the creativity and power of the web B&W lab at your finger tips in the digital darkroom. You wanna burn, dodge, red filter globally or selectively, it’s no more then a click away! I have this little vid on the site (which has been viewed nearly 30k times) on SEP which I’m going to have to update but in the meantime, the basics of Silver Efex Pro 2 are there to get you up and running. And if that’s not enough, check out ALL the B&W I’ve done using SEP HERE or download a free trail HERE. I’ve been honored in being asked to do a Webinar for Nik in April. Besides talking SEP & photography, I’ll have a little give away, a 24×30 B&W print so you might wanna drop by! Stop reading now, go get SEP! Wait, comeback, there is more! Check out what Alan just posted. Cool! Now...

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on Feb 24, 2011 in Photography, Aviation

And Now a Word from Our Sponsor – Light!

This movie requires Flash Player 9 I wasn’t really into GA (General Aviation) photography until I meet this lovely A36 Bonanza one gorgeous Sunday morning in the Phoenix skies last fall. It wasn’t old (warbird old) and not really that rare so photographing it at first just didn’t put lift under my wings. While my lovely wife is second seat, I didn’t think I would comeback with much until I saw the light! The soft morning light wrapped itself around everything and gave it that desert morning freshness that you just can’t pass up. You’ve gotta embrace it and make it yours. You do that by how you assemble the elements within your viewfinder to make the image. It doesn’t matter what the subject is, a rock, horse, rocking chair, weed, stick, all these elements and more can come to life in this kind of light. In this case, this photo has become a favorite for many reasons. #1 – it opened my eyes that GA photography can be...

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on Feb 24, 2011 in Digital Darkroom

Cheapest Digital Insurance on the Planet!

PhotoRescue has resided on my all computers since the first days of the D1. It’s one of the first programs I load on a new computer. I’m never without it. Why? Because there is always the possibility, usually at the worst moment, that images/video have to be rescued off a card. For me that time was when I was in such a bloody hurry, I forget to download a card and went back out shooting with it. This happened once and if it weren’t for PhotoRescue, I would have lost that earlier shoot. It’s now updated to deal with DSLR vid accidents which makes it even more important that you own it! For many though, PhotoRescue is a must because of bad card habits. The program is only $29 yet I know of very few digitals shooters shooting with their $5000 body who’ve purchased this simple butt-saving program. Typically, they come up to me in a panic because they’ve lost their images and don’t have any solutions to rescue...

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