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on Mar 8, 2011 in Camera Tech

Think Tank Airport Security v2 – Packing

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I needed help so I called my bud and expert problem solver Jeff Snyder (at Adorama). I needed a roller bag for my aviation work. He didn’t hesitate for a heartbeat, “You need the Think Tank Airport Security” and two days later, it was in my hands. I have about a dozen flights with it and to say I’m sold is an understatement.

I’m repeating myself but there are two things I wanna make sure are pointed out. You will have to leave this roller on the gateway for Ala Carte when you fly a regional jet. This means you have to wait for it to be brought up after your flight. Make sure if you are on connecting flights, you leave 15min to retrieve your Airport Security. The other is we photographers especially when we’re young think we can do anything. As we get older we pay the price and one of the bills comes in back pain from heavy bags. I have so much to say about the Airport Security it requires two vids, here’s the first.