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on Mar 9, 2011 in Aviation

What’s In an Angle – Gesture!

Last weekend I was afforded an amazing opportunity. I was provided a $2mil subject to work by myself for a couple of hours at sunset. It was an extreme honor to be so trusted and it put the pressure on. I wanted to get the shot really, really bad. What you see here though isn’t the shot I was working on.

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These are “killing” time waiting for the light shots. Yeah, the light doesn’t suck so we were able to make a couple of nice clicks. In both shots, it’s the same, gorgeous, amazing P-51D “Stang.” The difference in the success in my trying to communicate one message. “I’m a bad ass and I belong in the sky hauling ass!” I was working on saying that and a lot more but with just one click, no caption, just using light, gesture and color. The Jay Maisel recipe for success and it works even with aviation!

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You can apply this killer formula any subject and succeed and if you don’t know how, go to Jay’s class at Photoshop World in a couple of weeks and learn. I have the light and the color but there is a difference in the gesture. It’s not like you can say to Stang, “Turn your prop to the left and lift your wing a tad.” The gesture comes from YOUR moving and turning the camera body. I’m always amazed how many photographers feel they need to keep the camera body plum to the earth. The slightest turn in the camera body can make all the difference in the world. For me, the top image says it all. So next time you’re out shooting and the photo isn’t turning out the way you like, move a little and turn the camera body and introduce some gesture to your subject!

Photos captured by D3x, 24-120VR on Lexar UDMA digital film