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on Mar 11, 2011 in Random Thoughts

Which is Easier – Slides or Digital?

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Really kind of an interesting question which really doesn’t mean much to no one. But since I’ve been asked this a couple of times of late, thought I would answer it out loud. In the days of making presentations with slides, the actual prep was pretty simple. Make a duplicate slide, drop it into a carousel and go. Now if you wanted to change up that program, you’d have to find that slide you want to move or swap out, but with one carousel, it was easy. Now back in the day, I did a 6 projector show so changing just one slide was a major pain in the ass! And to alter the programming tape running all 6 projectors was worst then programming Apollo to land on the moon. So in general, I really don’t miss it ONE bit (and transportation and set up was a killer!).

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Digital presentation when it comes to dropping in a new image, switching up the order, all the mechanics of getting an image on the screen is a snap! I use ProShow Producer (with some tricks I learned in the days of PowerPoint) to assemble all my shows. The “pain” if there is any with digital is all in the image prep. The one thing many don’t realize with digital presentations is that all digital projectors do only sRGB, only 256 colors. That really can kill the “luster” of some images and while I’m the only one who knows the loss, it bugs the crap out of me. So with all my images I present, I take extra time to deal with the loss of the ProPhoto color space with each image (adj layers, saturation & contrast usually). That just eats up the time but I feel your time to hear me speak deserves the best looking image I can throw up on the screen. The actual sizing the file down for projection (average file is 400k) is an action I made in Photoshop which simply flattens, converts to sRGB and sizes the file.

What this very long winded answer to the question gets to is, digital is much easier (and transportation & set up is a snap). I have 5 news one for this Photoshop World which has taken all this week to create. I actually put a helluva of a lot of time assembling my programs. I enjoy the creative process and challenge very much. And just like making the single click with a camera, if the presentation goes as planned, all I’ve accomplished in the end is to tug at your heart strings.