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on Mar 16, 2011 in Random Thoughts


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No history of Dec 7th would be complete without a visit to the Arizona Memorial. This is a view you normally don’t see of the memorial though. We were with a great friends Bruce & Rob who, with their military ID were able to give us a tour like none other of the battle from that day. Those who know me know I love history and especially trivia about history. One of the highlights from yesterday was trivia that Elvis was involved in the fund raising for the memorial which in the day, was very controversial. Some complained it looked like a squashed milk carton.

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The day before we took Jake over to the memorial that lies atop the Arizona. The oil still bubbles up in tiny drops making a constant sheen on the water. We were also able to get to the Utah Memorial for the first time. The only photographic lesson one can take away from this is, if we don’t learn from the past, we are certain to relive it again in the future.