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on Apr 19, 2011 in Moose Cam

A Lit’l Taste of Life at a SJKF Den

I am a still photographer, it’s my goal to capture that definitive moment that says a 1000 words in a single click. On the other hand, I am an amazingly fortunate photographer seeing natural events few others can ever experience. I’ve had a whole lot of emails, a whole lot, asking why I’ve worked with the San Joaquin Kit Fox for 24yrs. The answer is pretty simple, I haven’t got their whole story on film yet and, well, watch the video, it says it better then I can.

01.01.2013 Pages are in the process of being updated. In the meantime you can watch our videos on our YouTube Channel as well as all Videos are available on iTunes as Podcasts!

A little technical background. The daylight video is a den site with 3 adults and 3 pups (about 8 weeks old). The video was captured by the Coolpix S9100 (shooting 1080p) attached to the hot shoe of the D3x with the 200-400VR2 (handheld). All the stills of the pups were at 1/20. The night video was shot with the D3x attached to the 600VR shot at ISO 9000 (definitely not handheld). The video you are seeing here is just a small clip from the night and is kinda the first of its kind thanks to the amazing D3s. There are 4 adults and 4 pups at this site though you will only see 3 and 3. The lighting is the ever lovely sodium vapor. But without it, I couldn’t share this very simple joy of mother nature with you!