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on Apr 19, 2011 in Digital Darkroom

Nik Webinar Folks…for You!

All 1500 of you, thanks for dropping by and listening to my ranting about finishing. I hope you found at least one nugget that helps you the next time you’re shooting. I mentioned a number of videos on my site, referred to them to give more in depth “recipe” for some of the things I was doing. I thought I would just create a list here for you rather then make you peck through the 160 listed on the Video Library Page.

Now the Silver Efex Pro vid is for #1, not #2. The only thing I did at the webinar you won’t see though is use the preset Full Spectrum Harsh & Smooth. And available to everyone is the special below. If you got something out of the webinar, please let the great folks at Nik know since they brought it to you. Now…go out and shoot damn it! 🙂