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on Apr 21, 2011 in Great Stuff

Yeah, We Have Our Own Pub….

I just love you guys, you crack us up! Just had a phone call, a “Moose fan” who just discovered after reading the site for a decade that we have our own, quarterly publication. And, as Scott put it, “It’s about photography, not just Nikon.” (Scott’s a Canon shooter). What can I say, I’m not really comfortable pushing my products in folk’s face and say, “See, Like, Buy.” We always figure if folks want it, they’ll find it. But after Scott’s phone call, we thought we’d put up a blog pointing out that yes, we have a quarterly publication. If you want to receive a free sample, just click on the form and request one. Wanna subscribe (even better), you can do that online. And where can you find all of this? Just look up….it’s right above this posting in the menu bar, BT Journal.