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on May 9, 2011 in Just Out!

Fly Navy Hits New Heights!

Erik Hildebrandt’s latest book Fly Navy, Celebrating the First Century of Naval Aviation is simply a masterpiece! No matter what interest level you wanna talk about, this book hits them all. The most obvious is aviation interest, the photography is simply gorgeous! While photographing modern military is something I’m personally not readily involved in, I sure can appreciate the photography and even more, all that went into the photography. What if you’re into portrait photography? Erik does a marvelous job telling a story in every portrait in the book which I think is outstanding. It’s one thing to take a portrait because you can, it’s another to take one that tells a story about the person you’re photographing. I’m learning lots from Erik on that front. What about taking photos of the same old subject in a whole new way? Erik goes there as well and beautifully! How? You’ll have to get a copy of the book and see for yourself but I think that’s worth the cover price all by itself. Oh yeah, then there’s the history in the photographs and the text, not too shabby either. I preordered the book back in Dec and couldn’t wait for it’s release. It was worth the wait and a whole lot more!