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on May 12, 2011 in Landscape Photography

OK, Getting Much Closer….

Seriously, no windy, I have three or four thousands clicks on this group of trees on the ridge! I just love them, their symmetry and location for sunrises. So when I saw the God beams, this is where I wanted to run. When I got here, it did not disappoint.

The top click is the first one (actually 5) that I made. I stopped to do this because the clouds were moving quickly, quicker then I could so I wanted at least this shot in case I couldn’t improve it. I liked the bottom shot the best. I moved about 70 yards to the west to line up the God Beams better with the trees on the ridge. Luckily the God beams hung in there for me and I could make the shot I had provisioned 15min earlier a mile away. And while I like this bottom shot a lot, I didn’t know that two miles further west I would make the best shot of the morning. To see that shot, you’ll have to come back tomorrow. All of these shots were made the same way, 5 images HDR, AWB, -1 at f/4 with the 24-120VR lens handheld.