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on May 13, 2011 in Landscape Photography

This is MY definition of a Landscape Photo

This simply has bigtime drama and THAT’S what I look for in a landscape image that stirs me. It shares the same basics they all have, exposure in the God beams and a good foreground. Where this one in my mind excels is first, the God beams themselves have some character. Some start and stop, some go right, down the middle and left, some get lighter and darker. They are not all the same and there is no doubt they are real and not PS made (yes, not all God beams are made the same). OK, we have a excellent background, the sky with the God beams. Moving to the foreground, it has some character to itself. It’s not a single line, a single ridge but has intertwining lines taking the eye back to meet the God beams. Then, and this is the really important part I think, the light in the foreground just rocks! The filtered light highlights the ridge lines and the seasonal pond and has just enough shadow to give roundness to the hills. It was captured and finished exactly the same as the other sunrise shots from this morning. Here though, all the elements came together corner to corner to produce the drama that for me, says it all about the morning. I live for these types of clicks!