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on May 27, 2011 in Photography

Oh Man, I Need Mo Practice!

The patterns look so great from the sky, I can spend hours looking out the window watching them go by. But by the time I see them, put the camera to my eye and go click, they suck! I kinda like the bottom one, kinda but man, I simply need to practice way more. Ever find that you in your photography? I sure do mine! At least it’s a ton of fun! Photos captured by D3x 24-120VR on Lexar UDMA digital...

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on May 27, 2011 in Photography

He’s in His Element!

Only to fly with this guy would I leave my house at 01:30am so we could fly with him from Witchita to Ponca just for lunch. This is my good bud and shooting partner for the last 25yrs Kevin Dobler and he’s in his element. Behind the yolk of his Cessna 206 and playing with the Garmin he loves to do almost as much as shooting. And the top image is a handheld HDR shot. Why HDR? Look out that window, look at the dash, look at the light range! It’s all about light, tame it and the photo is yours! Photo captured by D3x, 16Fish on Lexar UDMA digital...

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on May 26, 2011 in Landscape Photography

The Scariest Beauty I’ve Ever Witnessed!

I was watching the news coverage of the tornadic activity in the Midwest. The iPhone chimed, a text from my dear friend in OK. All I see on the iPhone sitting next to me is a photo of a flattened home! Dread instantly grabs me as I lunge for the phone and quickly touch the photo to see the text message. No words, just another photo of a house, half gone! I text back quickly, I knew it wasn’t his home but wanted to know what was up. The Falcon Lake tornado that took a couple of lives is just a hop and skip from his house and he was there as a first responder. Our heart goes out to all those folks who have had their lives devastated by this amazing act of nature! While none live there now, Sharon’s family come from Joplin and tornadoes have come up in conversation more then once in the last three decades. It is a scary part of life in Tornado...

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on May 25, 2011 in Landscape Photography

A Favorite Shooting Technique

Don’t get too excited, this top image is the before image. Now that you can breath again, continue on reading. There was a time when I use to go after cactus like I do birds and mammals. For the life of me I can’t remember what got me so excited about them originally, but I do have all of California Cacti in my files. The funny thing, I had only one in digital until my last trip to the Alabama Hills. While once I had all of these species committed to memory, sadly that knowledge has slipped away. But when I saw this gorgeous example in the morning light, I just had to take its pic. And it’s a perfect example of one of my favorite techniques for shooting a smallish subject while showing where it lives all in one click. I’m shooting with the 14-24AFS at 14mm at f2.8. The top image is what I see many photographers do when trying to photograph a smallish subject while recording...

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