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on Jun 30, 2011 in Landscape Photography, B&W Photography

John Muir’s Range of Light

John Muir has been a hero of mine since I was 7 and first read his work. Later, I was deeply honored with the John Muir Conservation Award. And it brings us great happiness to live right in the heart of his Sierra, what he correctly called The Range of Light. It’s days like today when the thunderstorms roll in that the drama in the light underscores John’s love for these mountains. If you’re a photographer, the inspiration of his words and the scenery before you are a monumental challenge. Without that passion then you can’t feel the passion and if you don’t feel the passion, those looking at your photographs won’t feel it either. There is a reason Ansel traveled up and down the Eastside (where Mammoth Lakes is located) shooting black and white. He felt the passion and he shared it with us, the viewers of his photographs. And that’s what Photoshop for Shooters is all about! I received 14 emails today seeking help with B&W photography....

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on Jun 29, 2011 in Field Reports

This is Why We do What We Do!

Sharon; Tell Moose thanks for me! I don’t even know if Moose has an email. And I am sure he and you are bombarded daily with email. I have carried a camera around for 35+ years also. Recording a lot of people, places and things. The key word is “recording”. Not until DLWS Oregon in 2007 at the feet of Moose and Joe did photography become a passion. Moose helped me get from recording to creating. The challenges provided, the images shared and the knowledge from the DLWS ‘gang” was and is moving. But more importantly Moose’s blog message(s) carry to real life…family, work, God and personal. I forward many of moose’s blogs to family friends and associates. The messages are honest. Moose is honest with his words and actions. Few honest people left in the world today. Moose signed Captured at DLWS California that I purchased for a friend (Dan). Dan is young and has a very young family and few resources. Especially for photographic equipment, and software....

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on Jun 29, 2011 in Digital Darkroom, Great Stuff

More Perfect Color for Perfectly Beautiful Moments

I have a vast respect for and admiration for JP and his photography! I’ve learned a lot from him and truly enjoy our conversations (which are way too few). And when it comes to the art of technically understanding and teaching the visual art of photography, I think there is no better. It means even more and becomes even clearer when you get to know him. This video is of course a promotion for Xrite but that doesn’t matter, it’s not what the content is saying. And that’s the beauty of JP, his teaching and photography. Check it out, the man knows what he’s talking...

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on Jun 28, 2011 in Aviation

One Should Listen to Oneself!

Those who know me know I’m real annal about taking care of my camera gear. It’s real simple business, camera work, I work. Camera no workie and I no eatie (and I like to eatie!)! This is one reason why I go through my images every night if I shot that day. I have a Statistics feature in our DigitalPro that informs me of my keeper rate. When it drops below 90%, I go looking for reasons for the drop. At PRS the first day my keeper rate dropped to 76%, I was deleting a whole lot of images because they were soft. I simply assumed it was me, my panning was simply off (not normal but it happens) Because I’ve learned in my 30yrs the problem is rarely equipment, it’s what we affectionately call pilot error. The next day I really concentrated on my panning feeling really good until I say my keeper rate drop to 72%. To say I was not a happy camper is an understatement...

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