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on Jun 1, 2011 in Aviation

It Was My Turn Next

After 20min Sharon was safely back on the ground (only literally) and it was my turn to climb in and go up. Mike has the Stearman set up with not one but two safety belt systems, just in case when you’re inverted and one fails, you don’t fall out. That is a comforting thought because the one thing I’ve always wanted to do was go inverted in an open cockpit plane (we didn’t do it since we didn’t have the 3rd safety measure, parachutes). So seated and strapped in, off we went!

Oh man, is this ever big time freakin fun! Seriously, one of the best flights I’ve ever had. The skies were clear, the winds nearly zero, it was a slow, romantic flight over the Kansas landscape. As you might tell from the top shot that Sharon took (that’s her shadow on the wing), a 16Fish was attached to the D3x. There isn’t a whole lot of room in the cockpit of a Stearman to take a bag of gear with you. The photo mission really was not the landscape below no anything air to air, it was all about the flight and for that photo mission, the 16Fish rules king!

The one thing that might be confusing you about the two bottom images is the lack of “Fish” look to the photos. The wings and horizon line are pretty straight, you’re not seeing a whole lot of curve not even in the struts. That’s because the camera/lens are being held pretty much “level” so the horizon line is going right through the middle of the frame. Then, I’m being very conscious of keeping vertical lines away from the side of the frame so they don’t bow. This way, you just see the 180 amazing degree view that I was enjoying from the cockpit. Wow, what a flight!!!!

Photos captured by D3x, 16Fish on Lexar UDMA digital film