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on Jun 3, 2011 in Aviation, Digital Darkroom

And Here Endth the Lesson

What was lighting the side of the Stearman that had me moving around was this sky. It wasn’t this great when I started shooting but as you can see, it was for a few moments killer. Now here’s the photographic problem, how do you end up with this photo? Look at the light, where’s it coming from? From behind right, this is a backlit subject. If that’s the case, how can this side of the Stearman be all lit up. You might be saying “You have a big bank of flash” but then you’d say to yourself, “Moose isn’t going to work that hard.” And you’d be right, I keep is simple, easy and fun. So then….

If you “expose” for just the great sky and that is why I moved to this angle, just for the sky, what happens to the subject? It’s still cool as a silhouette but it’s not what I wanted for a final photo.

If then you expose for just the subject, you loose the whole reason why you moved to this side of the plane. And here’s the deal you can never loose site of. The light came and the light went, had this killer stuff for just a heartbeat, there wasn’t time to experiment or play, you either got it or you didn’t. You’re probably now saying, “It’s HDR but man, it sure doesn’t look like HDR!” You’d be right on both counts, it is HDR and it doesn’t look like HDR. This is a 7 image bracket assembled in Photomatix Pro and then finished in Photoshop. I’m finding in my travels that both the camera part and the finishing part is eluding photographers and I can understand why. That’s why we’ve started a new class, Photoshop for Shooters which is a helluva of a lot more then just a Photoshop class. It’s a photography class talking all about light. Once you get a handle on light, the shooting and the finishing just fall into place. If you wanna learn how to make all that work, call, now, don’t hesitate 760.924.8632! And hopefully this litl lesson will help your images take flight!