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on Jun 3, 2011 in Field Reports

Seriously, It GET’S NO BETTER!

There is simply no better group of shooters to spend time with then those of ISAP. Jake & I are at their annual convention and next to Photoshop World, I know nothing that get’s me excited about photography and makes me thankful for being a photographer then ISAP. Here we are at stop two of our killer day at Marine Corp Air Station Miramar where we’re out with the V-22 Osprey. Wow, what a crazy lookin plane! Wow, what an amazing opportunity!

photo courtsey Larry Grace

The legendary Nat’l G shooter Jim Sugar and Bill Fortney, Jake & I are goofin taking Bill’s portrait with a bust of Lindbergh. I’m goofin with Jim Sugar & Bill Fortney! Wow! We were actually seeing how fast we could come up with a TTL Flash solution for a portrait, seeing if us old farts still had it in us. If we weren’t laughing so much, it would have gone much quicker but then, that’s what shooting with friends is all about. And that’s what ISAP is all about. To each and everyone here today, thanks for making it a great day!

Tech Note: been asked how top image was created. That’s a five image, handheld HDR taken with D3x/16Fish and processed with Photomatix Pro. This is straight out of Photomatix.