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on Jun 6, 2011 in Aviation

What Other Element Could We Add?

OK, moving this thing forward with the panic starting to set in as the clock tics by, I walk the line. I’m looking and looking and I see this lone Osprey. With a little Content Aware fill, I made a shot, moving it forward a little. There isn’t any other way they could position those large ass rotors but they make the photo, their position and size. And while I made a click, it’s still doesn’t have much drama, much pazzaz!

OK, now we’ve got something going for us. Light isn’t any better but with a little Content Aware Fill, getting those big ass rotors spinning and a person, we start telling a story. To make this whole thing work though, those big ass rotors gotta be spinning otherwise they look like the top image. Those rotors spin mighty slow compared to a prop on a plane so in order to get a blur to talk about movement, I had to shoot at 1/30. Yeap, I’m hand holding the 200-400VR2 at 1/30 to make the image. At the same time I’m hoping the crew member doesn’t move because at 1/30, it takes very little body movement to make him soft.

Now compare the bottom two photos, both with movement but one is definitely stronger IMHO then the other. This bottom image to he has a number of problems. The first is the background, next is the attitude of the V-22 and lastly there is no story, it’s just doesn’t do a thing for me. OK, the minute is about to hit the bewitching hour, what can we pull out?

Photos captured by D3x, 200-400VR2 on Lexar UDMA digital film