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on Jun 8, 2011 in WRP Ed Zone

Photoshop for Shooters – more dates

You could think of this as one massive critique, a crit of my and YOUR images. What went wrong that we can learn and correct at the point of capture? What can’t we improve at point of captured but can in post? What do you need to know from post to make the click better? Hell, what about light? Here it is plain and simple, I want to help folks with their photography and the vehicle we’re going to use in this class is Photoshop to help improve your captures! Did you know you can use Curves in Photoshop to learn about Exposure Compensation in the camera? If not, then you might wanna attend. We’ve added our next class dates, 8/9 Oct, 2011 and will be adding more as the need to learn is a constant one. The camera and the computer, they go hand in hand and knowledge of both is so important I feel to get what you see and feel reaching the heartstrings you’re sharing your photography with. And that’s the end game to all of this, grabbing heartstrings.

Wanna learn more….click here…or simply call WRP @760.924.8632 or 661.204.1506 to register. Dates 16/17 July & 8/9 Oct 2011 with more dates coming.