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on Jun 29, 2011 in Field Reports

This is Why We do What We Do!

Tell Moose thanks for me! I don’t even know if Moose has an email. And I am sure he and you are bombarded daily with email.
I have carried a camera around for 35+ years also. Recording a lot of people, places and things. The key word is “recording”. Not until DLWS Oregon in 2007 at the feet of Moose and Joe did photography become a passion. Moose helped me get from recording to creating. The challenges provided, the images shared and the knowledge from the DLWS ‘gang” was and is moving. But more importantly Moose’s blog message(s) carry to real life…family, work, God and personal. I forward many of moose’s blogs to family friends and associates. The messages are honest. Moose is honest with his words and actions. Few honest people left in the world today.
Moose signed Captured at DLWS California that I purchased for a friend (Dan). Dan is young and has a very young family and few resources. Especially for photographic equipment, and software. THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR ANYTHING…JUST A THANK YOU! Dan aspires to be a better photographer. Challenge himself more. And enjoy life to it’s highest potential. I have shared my DLWS experiences in detail with Dan. We talk about the “message” in the blogs. We talk about the need to “go outside our comfort zone” As a result of Moose’s and Joe’s challenges he recently started a blog that really challenges him. It’s is being followed by a very surprising amount of people and growing each week. It is extremely difficult for him to approach people to photograph. He wants desperately to understand flash photography to it’s fullest. He wants to push his learning curve to the max! He has little time to shoot with three girls, work and other responsibilities. But he is. Thanks in part to Moose and his honest, inspiring and thought provoking challenges.

Tell Moose thanks for me ……and vicariously from Dan.

p.s. Dan does not know that I have written this email. I hope you have time to read it and share with Moose