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on Jul 13, 2011 in Wildlife Photography

Now’s the Time to Plan Winter Wildlife Projects

There are actually many things in nature that change radically season to season. One prime example are oaks and maples. I have always wanted to do a year long portrait of just one tree. Taking its photo during an entire year just to see all the changes. In 30yrs, I’ve just never gotten off my butt to do it. What I have done though is this same idea with critters. Mammals are a great choice like this Arctic Fox. I love showing these two images at presentations, folks never believe me that they are the same critter. Its summer coat (top photo) is so vastly different from its winter coat (the all white one). And when you look at the muzzle, it is hard to believe they are the same critter.

Here’s the cool thing about this photographic challenge. First, you’ve gotta do your homework and see what animals that interest you have such big changes during the season. Then, you’ve gotta go out and get those photos during those seasons. Finally, and this is the best challenge, you’ve gotta get those photographs out to educate others. When you find such projects in wildlife photography and you take them on, your photography grows in ways you can’t imagine until after it’s accomplished. It’s a great project to start in the summer!

Photo captured by D2XS / D2H 200-400 on Lexar UDMA digital film