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on Jul 14, 2011 in Great Stuff

Day 4 – The Winners are Piling Up!

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We had such fun and success running this offer at the new Year, we’d thought we’d run again. It’s pretty simple, every fifth person to renew or subscribe to the BT Journal will receive a copy of Captured. Every tenth person will receive, a 22×17 Moose Print of their choice (I’ll be printing it myself). Last time we ran it for just a day but this time we decided we’d make it a week long event starting today and running until midnight Friday the 15th. We gave away 23 books last time so we’re hoping to break that record this time. To win, SIMPLY CLICK and fillout the form. We look forward to hearing from you!

Winners! (winners will be emailed)
Jimmy Lee – book
Cathy Leland – print
Penelope Taylor – book
Daryl Butcher – print
Paul Sebourn – book
Debie Shew – Print
Brandon Murray – book
Ron Grimes – Print
Edward Rogner – book
David Crandall – Print
Patty Fisk – book
Patrick Seth – print
Jeri Mearns – book