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on Jul 25, 2011 in Landscape Photography, The Bodie Series

The Family Home – Bodie

The Hoover House, yeap, that’s my great cousin. My grandfather came up to see him while he ran the Standard Mill 1900 – 1902 which is why my family first start visiting the eastside. Hoover, that name might ring a bell with you. No, not the vacuum guy, the president guy. Yeap, this is Hubert Hoover’s brother. He left Bodie to start the school of mines at Stanford.M/p>

This building is located literally right in front of the Standard Mill. Today it is hard to understand what that means. My mom told me that when she came to Bodie as a little girl, the constant noise of the stamp mill could be deafening at times. Having your home right in front a 40 stamp mill, I can’t imagine how you’d have a conversation. I interviewed Lester Bell back in the 90’s and he told me that as long as the folks heard those stamps, they knew everything was ok because gold was being processed.

You can walk right up to the Hoover House so making this photo is real simple. With that white picket fence, I waited until the sun had left the house but was still on the hillside (you can see it on the bluff in the left corner). I did that because I didn’t want the white fence, which is the closet item, to be brighter then the house itself. I shot with a polarizer because I wanted the blue sky reflection removed from the side of the building. What does that mean? I wanted that great warm, Sierra tanned brown to come out in the wood and the polarizer removes the blue reflection coming from the sky. Remember, this is a straight scan from the the film. What you see is what I saw and captured. Oh, was there underexposure? This is Moose here, what do you think?