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on Jul 26, 2011 in Landscape Photography, The Bodie Series

Mill Machine Shop – Bodie

This is the machine shop in the mill, this is some place you’re not going to go on the tour. What you’re looking at here is a giant drill press, pretty damn impressive. What we take for granted these days is how the hell they got this monster to Bodie. It came in pieces, put on wagons and driven 300 miles from Carson City, NV to Bodie. What seems like a monster task to us was all in a days work back then.

Back then, I didn’t take before and after photos for teaching. Didn’t know about blogs back in the early 90’s. What you’re seeing here of course is the after shot. The flash bouncing off a silver reflector on the right just looks like light bouncing around. You don’t know about the shadow being filled in and how bad the shadow was. I did a lot of single flash, bounce off something photography. The main light was the diffused light coming in the windows and then I would fill in with flash. It’s the same basic technique I use to this day when there is only me and I have a big space to light. I used the 20f2.8AF to take the photo. If I had the opportunity to do this today (I don’t) I would be shooting a heck of a lot with the 24PC. The tilt really bugs me.