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on Jul 26, 2011 in Landscape Photography, The Bodie Series

The Boss’ Office – Bodie

Yeap, this is where my great cousin would work. Right off the table room. I can’t imagine the noise! This was the dark hole of China! I wanted a photo of it. There is no such thing as HDR for Fuji 100 and in fact, you had to watch your exposure time. So how did I light this? The F4e is on a tripod with 20f2.8AF. The exposure was 15sec at f/5.6 During those 15sec, I popped the SB-24 three times at full power. How did I know that was the right exposure (because film cameras didn’t have LCDs)? I took one exposure with the flash attached to the camera and I watched the readily light. I got my base exposure from the scale on the flash, closed down 1 more stop and saw my ready light blink. I then simply took the flash off camera and popped it three times, moving the flash each pop. Simple.