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on Jul 26, 2011 in Landscape Photography, The Bodie Series

The Tables – Bodie

This is what it was all about! At the top of the frame you can see the 40 stamps on the Standard Mill. They went up and down smashing the gravel to loosen the gold which would then come down the table. Once on the table, they would pour Mercury on the pulverized material because the gold would stick to the Mercury. All the rest of the material would flush down through the system. Then, the mercury/gold was taken to a room where the Mercury was heated and boiled off leaving the gold. Life expectancy for these works wasn’t very long. This was a very inefficient gold recovery method. It was a hard life.

Photographically, the photo was pretty simple, at least when the thunderstorms are going through. You can take a tour of the Mill so you can get to this location inside. In August when we have the afternoon thunderstorms, they bounce the light in the windows lighting really nicely. If you look at the photo long enough you might wonder where that light in the right foreground is coming from. That’s flash, an old SB-24 bouncing off the wall behind me. I’m in rear curtain sync and using the light to simply even out the light in the room so the end can travel wherever it wants to. This is a photo you can take while on the tour if you plan.