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on Jul 28, 2011 in Landscape Photography, The Bodie Series

Bodie Exteriors #1

Bodie was a huge town back in the day. It had the second largest population of Chinse in the US at the time. It is really hard to imagine the size of the town unless you get up on the bluff and look down. Knowing this, I went up un the bluff but as you saw on the first day’s blog, that really didn’t do much. So I took another approach. What you see here is the Main Street and what appears to be a lot of buildings all jammed up together. What you see here is what they call the Miners Union Hall down to the Boone Store. When you go to Bodie you’ll see how much topography that covers but in this view, it looks packed. When the head ranger at the time saw this photo, he said jokingly he. Was going to cite me for moving he buildings. How did I create this illusion? It was two fold. First I used the 800f/5.6 with the 1.4x and walked way down the road. Next, it shot at first light to take advantage of the hard shadows to fill in the holes. Lastly I went up the hill to look “down” on it. It was effective, the photo being used by the Park for may years to tell the story of the town.

That old Dodge parked on Main has quiet story and this is how I remember it. It is originally from Bodie and was sent to Folsom Prison to be restored. In 1981, it was in the Bridgeport 4th of July parade with Bodie employees dressed as Bodie Ghosts (see, they exist). Now a days it sits outside of the Boone Store basically rusting back to its former self. It is parked in front of the gas pumps so lends itself to being photographed. If I had a nickle for every bad HDR of the truck, I wouldn’t have to write the blog anymore! This is a single click but you might be asking about the sky. This is a typical August afternoon thunderstorm with extra drama added with a split grid. When the clouds start to turn black, I look for a foreground that still has light on it and click like mad.