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on Jul 28, 2011 in Landscape Photography, The Bodie Series

Bodie Exteriors #3

The building in the foreground is the old ice house. You ever been to Bodie, you can’t imagine they had such a thing but with the Sierra snow pack, finding ice was real simple. Storing it was too with the Ice House which is full of sawdust and other primitive insulation. The roof top you see behind it was one of the well to do home of Bodie. Bodie had quite the high society back in the day living in grand homes, home paid for on the money made making money on those digging up the money. That part of the gold camp history has always fascinated me.

The Sway Back Barn (I can never remember the real name for this because we always called it that) is something I expect every time I visit to have finally fallen to the Sierra winters. Yet it persists. Both of these images demonstrate a favorite technique I rarely talk about. That’s combining the polarizer and split grad. That combination has always produced a drama in light on the verge of its own drama that I really like. You first rotate the polarizer to remove the refletion (blue) and then move the split grad into place to finish it off. Some folks like the effect, some don’t and not that I use it on every photo, I use it a lot in Bodie.