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on Jul 29, 2011 in Landscape Photography, The Bodie Series

What’s that on the Hill? – Bodie

Since you can’t get up on the bluff, many look up from the town and see the water tower. Most assume it’s from the train that ran from Mono Mills to the bluff (it didn’t carry passenger, just tons of cords of wood). That tower is not for the train and if you’re like most, you won’t believe what it is for. But that water tower was for the first flush toilet in town. Yeap, all that water was to simply flush the two heads in the bottom floor!

This is the train office, not very glamorous, just a plain structure but if you’re in the right place in Bodie, you can see its roof line. What you can’t see anymore even where you’re on the bluff is the town that was on top of the bluff. Was it a big town? I don’t know that but I was present when there were digs on the bluff and they found the butcher shop and whore house foundation. I didn’t ever find much written material or photographs from up here but heard a couple of stories that always intrigued me. If you’re up at the train office bldg and you look southeast, you can see down in the ravine where Bodey first found gold and where is also died coming back one winter day with supplies to help out his sick partner. He never saw the riches nor fame his name sake town would produce.