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on Jul 29, 2011 in Landscape Photography, The Bodie Series

When Night Comes – Bodie

One aspect of Bodie I always enjoyed was the evenings and night. This is when the town would be all ours again, the tourists were gone with the park being closed (this is when I would find the thieves though which got old). We decided to do star trails and what you see here is the progression over the first year. The star trail exposure was the easy part. The exterior and interior lighting was the tricky part. You can see how it got better over time with the bottom frame of the Boone Store being the best. The technique from then would not be how I would do it today except for the lighting method. It is all flash, lighting painting with flash. I would walk around and just hit the open flash button. Today it would be much easier to do with the Pocket Wizards, TTL and LCD. That’s if you could do it because like any tourist, I’m kicked out long before sunset these days.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little bit about your heritage and how to photograph it. Keep in mind everything from this week was done with film and no Photoshop. It does show you the possibilities by using old fashion photography craft. I hope that I’ve given you a little bug to “Go West Young Man, Go West” and that some day I meet up with you on the streets of Bodie!