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on Aug 2, 2011 in Aviation

And the Storm Rolls into Oshkosh

We landed at Oshkosh and got a killer campsite. We actually camp right at the plane as you can see here. We’re at what’s called North 40 and I can’t recommend it enough! We made so many new friends and did so much business without ever leaving the plane it’s mind boggling. I remembered my lesson from last year at Osh, it’s all about the people and Osh this year confirmed that all over again for us. We retrieved our Pelican case, set up camp, walked over to have a Mexican dinner, hit Target and came back to relax at camp. The storm had been forming all afternoon and then at sunset, it was gorgeous!

Jake headed east, I went west and we worked the light. I grabbed the 14-24 and went looking for foregrounds. Of course I had to do the campsite and then I went running off to an aircraft that ~really~ caught my attention and imagination. This Turbo Beaver (just imagine where it would take you in Alaska!) was gorgeous. I moved with the clouds which were moving pretty fast to catch their drama with a clean portrait of the plane. I really didn’t get the best angle of the plane with the clouds, but I’m not about to delete these images either.

I would have loved to just used a split grad to make the shots, but it was left at home. While it weighs nothing, weight and space were on my mind. Since I knew I could HDR anything that I thought I would use a split grad for to compress the light, I wasn’t worried. That’s what you have here, three HDR images. All are 5 image sets, shot handheld. The one thing I had to do was create a saturation layer in Photoshop to remove the horrible bright red the HDR made of the tents. Other then that, it was pretty simple. Like I said, it was a great campsite. Look at the scenery! And the storm, it rained, blew and thundered for five hours. It was great camping weather, I was big time fun. As Scottie would say, good times!

Photos captured by D3x, 14-24AFS on Lexar UDMA digital film