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on Aug 17, 2011 in Great Stuff

There’s a Seat Waiting for You!

What one of our attendees had to say about Photoshop for Shooters

WOW! What a great weekend I had. Learning, shooting and learning some more and making new friends. I think you have a hit with your new series of classes and will be talking it up to friends. You took me to new depths of Photoshop which will open up an entirely new area of editing for me. Oh, the hotel was a really nice place too!

Thanks again for the great teaching and hospitality.
Warmest Regards,
Tom Walker

Here it is plain and simple, I want to help folks with their photography and the vehicle we’re going to use in this class is Photoshop to help improve your captures! And we’re going to do that by using Photoshop to learn how to be better at the camera and the computer. We’ll talk camera settings and lenses, curves and exposure, Silver Efex Pro and lenses, HDR and composition. They go hand in hand and knowledge of both is so important I feel to get what you see and feel reaching the heartstrings you’re sharing your photography with. And that’s the end game to all of this, grabbing heartstrings.

One of the unique things we provide you is a 14pg Location Shot list. We want you to shoot while you’re here but shooting is not part of the class. So to encourage this, we provide ideas of places to shoot, when to shoot there and how to find it for shoots around the Mammoth area. One of the locations we provide info to for you to shoot at is Bodie. This class offers this and so much more!

Wanna learn more….click here…or simply call WRP @760.924.8632 or 661.204.1506. Next workshop is 8-9 Oct, 2011 (couple of seats open).