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on Aug 17, 2011 in Great Stuff

Why I’m on Google+

This has been a common question that last few days since I posted 150 Google+ invites. The answer for me is quite simple. It’s where I’m finding unique content and conversations I can’t find elsewhere on the web as easily, quickly or cleanly. I don’t use social media to find clients for my photography, I use it to find others often of like mind to discuss “things” that pop into my mind (and that’s a scary proposition!). I’ve heard the positive and negative from folks about Google+ and to be honest with you, since it is technically free (except for your time which is important), exploring a medium where you can find information like the above from Scott you’re not going to find elsewhere, what have you got to loose?

Oh yeah, the copyright thing. Those on my FB wall know that I’ve talked about this a lot. Google+ have left windows open for posting images if you’d like, but I’m still not a fan of using any social media as a showcase for my images. That’s why I have a website. You have to understand that as soon as your image leaves your hard drive, there is always the risk it will be stolen (and I know that 1st hand). On the flip side, what the hell good is taking photographs if they never leave your hard drive? They can only make an impact when they are shared. So then it adds up this way. You take photographs and intend to be true to the craft, you are always risking theft. You can minimize the theft possibility, keeping honest people honest, but that’s it. Bottomline, give Google+ a looksie, you just might like it. Here are some Google+ Invites in case you wanna try it.