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on Aug 31, 2011 in Photography

Fall Color Planning

Many photographers have planned their fall color trips already but after Irene, you might wanna rethink them. I know I am at least. One of my favorite regions in VT was hit hard, that’s Killington. I don’t know how many falls we’ve spent there, it’s where the world famous Jenny Farm is located seen here. Great fall color is a combination of spring water and fall temps (breaking it down into easy to find on web ingredients). At the same time, not having leaves damaged prior to fall color but things like summer heat waves, fall freezes or hurricane winds also makes a difference. But my biggest concern for my fall color plans is simple navigation. I spent yesterday just checking roads and 95% of the locations I want to go in VT, I can’t. The roads are gone! Yikes!

Now two marvelous regions that did have lots of water this spring, a very mild summer and huge leaf production are the Rockies and the Sierra. This shot taken from Conway Summit in the Eastern Sierra is just a sample of what I think you’ll see in those regions this fall. It’s only a couple of months away and plans are often very hard to change, I know, I’m scrambling to change some shoots for myself. If you’re planning to hit the east, VT, NH or ME, check the region you have plans on visiting for access and wind damage. There is nothing worse then being stuck in a lodge or photographing sticks in the fall, I know, I’ve done it!