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on Sep 30, 2011 in Aviation

Air2Air Workshops are in Full Flight!

We’ve had a whole lot of folks asking if we are continuing our Air2Air Workshops. I assume it’s because of the tragedy in Reno. Richard, Doug & I are most definitely continuing them! Our next one in TX has 1 space but our AZ event is full with a waiting list. We should have dates for our 2012 spring season shortly, once we lock in out photo platform. We will be back in FL and AZ in the spring. We are often asked what aircraft will we be photographing. Pretty valid question. We typically have a big bomber like the B-17 in TX & AZ or a B-25 like in FL. We also have Lit’l friends such as F4U Corsair, P-51 Mustand, P-47 Thunderbolt and Spitfire. We also have GA at every workshop like A-36, PT-17, RV or Shrike Commander. We change it up as well as increase our teaching with different aircraft. and if you have any questions whether this is the shoot of a lifetime, give this...

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on Sep 30, 2011 in Just Out!

Aviation Class now Posted Kelby Training

It is with great pleasure we announce the posting of my Aviation Photography Class at Kelby Training. Nancy did a great job explaining it so I’m going to just copy her. Moose Peterson is well-known for his wildlife and landscape photography, but few have known about his passion for aviation… until now. Join Moose on location at the Florida International Air Show as he teaches you the finer points of “static” and “ground-to-air” photography, as well as portraiture and panning shots. Even if you don’t share Moose’s passion for flight, this photography course covers techniques, equipment, and camera settings that can be used in multiple situations – especially when trying to convey motion. In the post-processing phase, Moose shows you how to take what he taught you to shoot right in the field and get it through the digital darkroom quickly so you can get back to shooting This class was scheduled to be posted a couple of weeks back but with the tragedy at Reno, the good folks...

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on Sep 29, 2011 in Wildlife Photography

Them Feathers are a Flyin!

Ah, the blaaaaas of August are past and wildfowl and shorebirds are starting to hit the area. Another reason fall is a favorite time of year for me. While the ducks, geese and shorebirds are in their fall plumage, it’s fresh, new plumage which makes them great targets of opportunity! But how can we do more then just take a photo that says, “They have arrive” and rather say “Hot dogs, they have arrived!”? On of the best ways is to change your angle! I’ve become pretty famous for that video clip that shows all to well my poor imitation of a beached whale but getting down low is a must! This shot of a Red-necked Grebe is a classic example. I’m not totally flat on the ground but perhaps 12″ off it, the legs of the Gitzo not totally flattened. I did that because I loved the pattern in the water which is what attracted me to the photo in the first place. Shooting with the 600mm w/TC-17,...

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on Sep 28, 2011 in Wildlife Photography

The Fur is Thick!

I was just talking with our forest biologist (a neighbor) last night and the thickness of the fur on the critters came up. When you see the bears and squirrels with a thick, healthy coat now and not 30 days from now, it hints to a cold and wet winter is coming. For photographers, it also means some great photography! Mammals look their best when they are fat, both body fat and thick fur. This combination fits what the public stereotypically think of a critter and when it comes to visually grabbing their attention, this is important. So how can you take advantage of this in your photography? One of the first things I would do is head north. Winter comes earlier in the far north so critter are already getting in condition there when some down south are still finishing up with the spring brood. How far north? All the way! Depending on your budget and how much you like to explore, I’d start at the Arctic Ocean...

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on Sep 28, 2011 in Just Out!


The perfect video for a Wednesday. My good friend Pete who is a pilot passed this along to me. Not that he thought I would take it up but it sure does give you an idea what it is like to be a bird....

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