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on Sep 1, 2011 in Landscape Photography

A Lighthouse has to Have a Light

A very popular image in our landscape gallery is this image of a storm hitting Battery Point in Nor Cal. One question I seem to get a lot is, “How hard is it to get the timing down to capture the light beam?” When I say it’s impossible, I get the strangest looks and after a moment the statement comes back, “But you did!” Actually, no I didn’t! The light on a lighthouse comes on when? Just before dark and stays on during the NIGHT, it’s not on during the day. Some do come on during a dark day when there is fog, but on this day there was neither. So then how did I get the light beam? I made it in Photoshop. Along with my dear friend Joe Sliger, we invented the technique in Photoshop to create a light beam. That’s because with out it, it’s just a house on a rock. You wanna lighthouse, you gotta have a light! There is no romance in a house on the rocks. Like all great images, romance comes from the light!

What always gets me is, and I’ve been told I should take it as a compliment, but no one ever notices the waves. Waves don’t break around a rock all the same time, they break on sections as the wave moves towards the shore. And, on an overcast day, waves are gray, not white. But that’s the beauty of our minds, when there are pieces that it can latch onto as being “real” then it just fills in the rest of the pieces as being real. The beam of light and the extra waves I added to make this photograph complete, all just go with the scene. I wish I were that good or that lucky to capture all of this in one click, but that’s not the case. But I do know the limitations of the click to know what pieces I need to add to finish a photograph. And that’s just some of what you’ll learn at…

Here it is plain and simple, I want to help folks with their photography and the vehicle we’re going to use in this class is Photoshop to help improve your captures! And we’re going to do that by using Photoshop to learn how to be better at the camera and the computer. We’ll talk camera settings and lenses, curves and exposure, Silver Efex Pro and lenses, HDR and composition. They go hand in hand and knowledge of both is so important I feel to get what you see and feel reaching the heartstrings you’re sharing your photography with. And that’s the end game to all of this, grabbing heartstrings.

One of the unique things we provide you is a 14pg Location Shot list. We want you to shoot while you’re here but shooting is not part of the class. So to encourage this, we provide ideas of places to shoot, when to shoot there and how to find it for shoots around the Mammoth area. One of the locations we provide info to for you to shoot at is Bodie. This class offers this and so much more!

Wanna learn more….click here…or simply call WRP @760.924.8632 or 661.204.1506. Next workshop is 8-9 Oct, 2011 (couple of seats open).