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on Sep 12, 2011 in Digital Darkroom

The Herd

I was asked A LOT at Photoshop World what drives do I use for my digital library. I think it was because Buffalo had a booth for the first time at PSW. I have used Buffalo HD & NAS since day one. This is the current “herd” in the “Rabbit hutch” in the office and represents 64TB of storage (and if you look closely you can see a 1TB external that is the backup for my computer). They run on a Raid 5 which means if a HD goes bad in a unit (and they do), I simply pull out the HD and slap in a new one (and I have a complete BU set as well). I have never, never lost one file with this system! In fact, I hand down my “old” Buffalo NAS to Jake who is running 6 2TB & 4TB Buffalo NAS units. Buffalo had in their booth a 24TB box and I’ll be writing in the future more on this. And before I get a ton of emails, no, I have no offsite storage. Yes, I know the world says I should. No, I still don’t have it. But I do love my Buffalos, they just work.