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on Sep 23, 2011 in Digital Darkroom

Not Just a Tease

I perhaps shouldn’t have used the word “tease” in my Nik video since many seem to have latched on to that (except your Laura). Aviation photography doesn’t wait for great light, planes fly when pilots feel like flying so if you want that photo, there are times when you have suckie light. Rare Bear was taking off for a test flight and I wanted the shot so I made it. I made it knowing that when I went click, it wouldn’t be finished. The shadow under the wings would be dark and the cloud detail missing. I also knew that in less then 30sec with Nik’s CEP 4, I would have all that information back and a finished photo. All of this planning was done at the camera with some being finished in the computer. So don’t get stuck on the word “tease” in my video. What’s there are real tools I use everyday to bring out the drama you see here.