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on Sep 23, 2011 in Digital Darkroom

And If That’s Not Enough Nik

Yeah baby, Nik Webinar time again! Can’t wait, had a great time at the last one. It “sells” out fast so register…now! Go, now, stop reading, click here and go!! What am I talking about? Black n White...

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on Sep 21, 2011 in Friday Thoughts

Knowledge is a Powerful Force!

The last few days have been, well, different. I wasn’t really planning on blogging the rest of the week, there is simply more important things to deal with right now. You as a community, you “fans” though have been simply amazing! Your out pouring of concern to my family and me has let us know just how blessed we are! Jake & I both had shot lists, aircraft and folks we wanted to photograph and with the sheer size and magnitude of Reno Air Races, we break things down by days. Now if we see something come up that we know is a once in a lifetime opportunity, we would deviate but otherwise, we kinda stick to our plan so we cover all we want to cover. Sunday night when we got back home, Jake & I realized we were light about 5000 images. Images we planned on taking Saturday and Sunday. Planes and folks we wanted to tell their story visually are missing as there was no Saturday/Sunday....

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on Sep 19, 2011 in Aviation

Gone West – Jimmy

It was one of those magical mornings at the races. It had been arranged to have the Tigercat on the ramp for us to photograph at sunrise. It’s a tradition that goes back long before I arrived on the scene and it’s one I’m very happy to participate in. “The Family” arrived around six o’clock to get ready for the coming light. This group of aviation photographers who have become such dear friends love to come together for these morning shoots not only for the photography but for the comradery. We really are like a bunch of kids on Christmas morning when we’re around the aircraft. We have that excitement, we say those goofy things, play those silly practical jokes that photographers who are close friends do when they are having fun. The skies were gorgeous, the photos really sweet, the coffee good, it’s just the magic that happens during the races. The rest of the morning was special, spending it in the pits with more friends. The Odegaards...

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