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on Oct 3, 2011 in Just Out!

eMotimo – “The Box!”

The difference between the two star time lapse you see here is just two days. The top one, a waxin cresent moon had just come out and influenced the sky for hours even though it was was down below the horizon. The bottom one, there is no moon influence so you can easily see the Milky Way. Now that’s the subject so The Box was set up to “track” it as we spin. What you’re seeing here is basically how we travel through space. While the stars do move, the heavenly bodies we watch come and go at night is because of the earth’s rotation which is why I wanted to work with The Box.

You will see in the video planes flying by, satelites shoot by, trees light up in the headlights of truck on the road, Stellers’ Jay and Flying Squirrel go through the time lapse. I will be posting more time lapse and how to videos as time goes on but for those who run out today to buy your eMotimo PT, here’s the basics. Have fun!

My Basic settings for Star Time Lapse
D3s / 24f1.4: M Mode, ISO 3200 8sec, f1.4, Focus set to M
Camera & eMotimo plugged into 120v (otherwise change body batter every 4hrs, use eMotimo batt for 10hrs)

Intval:15 sec
Ramp:50 – 75 (depending on size of landscape)
Time: 600-930min
Lead: 1 In – 1 Out