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on Oct 11, 2011 in Digital Darkroom

Image Wizards – Better than Christmas!

Sending off an image to Image Wizards and then seeing their box being delivered is just like Christmas! The quality of their workmanship is such that when I send images out for printing for clients (like this image) and I have it drop shipped right to the client. I don’t need to check the prints, never have and have had nothing but rave reviews from those who have received them. To make this all happen there are a few steps that I do to assure this level of quality I want to share with you.

The most important step happens when you go click. Maximum quality starts when you click the camera and then you need to continue that through the finishing. What you see here is the basics that I do for all my printing. After I do all my finishing, the file is saved and put in a folder far away from where I can goof it up in the printing process. I want to protect my original file with all its layer for the future so I have those layers to make subtle changes to reflect new technology. So with a copy of that file, the first thing I do is flatten it. I then Sharpen for Content then Size for Output and then Sharpen for Output. Last thing I do is Soft Proof it. Going on metal I use the Epson 4900 Premium Luster Profile for soft proofing. In this case, a simple Vibrance Layer and Darkening Layer of the sky was all that was required to get the image really close to the profile. I have really made this very simplistic, there is a little more to it then that but you can easily search the rest out with simple web searches. Well excuse me, I have to upload the file because I can’t wait for the delivery. I’m having a print made for me!