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on Oct 17, 2011 in Landscape Photography

It’s Just Fun!!!

We were driving down the road to Westport, NY looking at the really cool horse race coarse when I yell, “STOP, BACK UP!” we just snuck up and pasted the Westport Train Station. More then that, some great light. We backed up, pulled in and I hoped out and took a quick HDR iPhone photo. I really liked it so I ran back, got the “real” camera and proceeded to shoot. I knew I was going to black and white but wanted you to see both here. This is a hand held, 5 image HDR finished with Photomatic Pro and Silver Efex Pro 2.

Once the opening in the cloud moved, I moved and knew this image would be more what I call, “Elvis on Velvet” HDR that I like as well. Not the greatest click or HDR in the world but it was a ton of fun to capture, share with my friends and reminds me of good times!

Photos captured by D3x, 14-24AFS on Lexar UDMA digital film