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on Oct 22, 2011 in Aviation

Air2Air Workshop Special Offer!

There is NOTHING like being at 5000 feet, look out the door and having a B-17G parked right there! I’ve lost count how many times I’ve done it, about to do it two more times shortly and I can’t wait! It’s like no other experience I’ve had as a photographer! To celebrate our first year of Air2Air Workshops, as a big thank you to the participants of our last two upcoming events, I’m going to personally make a 24×30 of their favorite image from the workshop. And we just got an opening in our TX and two in our AZ workshop. It’s short notice but if you can join us, as a thank you I’ll make two 24×30 prints for you (that’s a $500 offer)! The B-17G will be at both workshops flying right here through your viewfinder. Come and join us! 661.204.1506