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on Oct 27, 2011 in Landscape Photography

Just Had to Go Back

Ever been to Disneyland? Well this little depot in Westport reminds me of Disneyland so when Scott asked if we could stop, it as brakes on, bat turn left! Now the drama in the light and clouds weren’t there like our first visit and I knew it wouldn’t be the same. It never is. But I knew there was fun to be had here and when I think of having fun and goofin in photography, I think Fisheye! So I grabbed the 16mm and when a shootin. You see what I came back with. Both are 5 image hand held HDR that were then finished with Photomatic Pro and CEP4. Now did I run home and make 24×30 prints of these and hang them on my wall? What do you think? Did I have a blast with my friends Scott, Jeff, Chris & Kevin shooting these? Oh man, were we ever immature and laughing out heads off! Will these photographs always remind me of that moment in time? You bet! And for that reason, they are totally successful and will never be deleted. Not photographically my favorites but as life memories go, they most certainly are!