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on Oct 30, 2011 in Landscape Photography

RC’s Influence

My bud RC is an excellent shooter who is constantly taking his photography and pushing it. In the process, he pushes us, at least he pushes me. He does a lot of HDR portraits and while not my style, I am aware of what he does and I really like it. So yesterday out at Broken Arch when I saw Chris standing there in his yellow jacket, I thought, RC! This is a 9 image handheld HDR that I actually kinda like. Chris’ attitude is what makes it for me. I wish the sun wasn’t behind a little bit of cloud cover because I couldn’t get a star burst, just a giant blinkie. Will I do this again? If the opportunity arises but I won’t seek it. It is good to know that I can get close though. Thanks RC!

Photo captured by D3s, 16AF on Lexar UDMA digital film