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on Oct 27, 2011 in Landscape Photography

I Can Shoot This Kind of Water All Day Long!

Over a matter of 18min, the sunrise blossomed and lots of pixels died! Our Tuesday morning shoot last week was in the gorgeous little town of Westport, NY and the photo gods were smiling on us. The clouds to the north were killer and the water, the perfect mirror. But how to make the photograph? First was placement of the tripod. There were actually many options, I went with this on the gamble the clouds would end up as you see them, making a great shaped especially when reflected in the water. Now there are two elements you can’t see that I saw in the viewfinder. There was a green lawn on the left and part of the dock structure in the bottom right corner. As you can see, they have both been dealt with in post. Next was the range of light, about 8 stops. The only way I know of dealing with that really easily is HDR, these are five image HDR images. But then there is...

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on Oct 26, 2011 in Just Out!

Shutterbug Expert Photo Techniques

I was very fortunate to get a whole bunch of page space in the latest Shutterbug Expert Photo Techniques issue. I have two special pieces, one on cloud photography and one on aviation. The clouds has everything from taking to finishing and the aviation is all about the taking and excitement. And there is a lot more great information in this special issue from other shooters. It’s on the newstand now, check ‘er...

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on Oct 26, 2011 in Landscape Photography

Do You Get Tired of Waterfalls?

OH HELL YA! But here’s the problem that rages inside my head. I’m a competitive SOB and I hate to loose. I hate to have a location beat me, I hate for another photographer to get a shot I didn’t because of a mental attitude and I hate not shooting. So, while I get bored with water pretty damn fast, its’ then I dig down and go into the super secret, highly trained, not known mode of, artsy fartsy photography! What’s the difference? First, I’m not a artsy fartsy photographer, not much fluff in the ol Moose. So when I start looking for that kind of photograph, I’m really pushing myself. It’s the same transformation I must make if I’m going to, shudder just thinking about it, shoot flowers! I wouldn’t like put these images in my portfolio (the in thing at the moment) but they will work themselves into a slideshow, some slow piece of music that’s real sappy. These are really simple clicks and other then ACR,...

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on Oct 25, 2011 in Landscape Photography

Getting Down to Business

Coming up with just one click that expresses all you are seeing and feeling can be a real challenge! I can’t say I push myself to tell it all in one photograph, but I try to edit while shooting so I’m not approaching a scene shotgun style. The question comes to my mind then, “What has grabbed my attention?” In the top shot I like the three waterfalls for sure but I also like the feel of the water in the foreground. But it’s not a strong enough like to stay with that so I zoomed in closer. I would have loved to be physically closer and shoot across the top of the water to the falls but since we were on a bridge, getting closer wasn’t an option. I zoomed in but it wasn’t strong enough. A piece of the pump house and a bridge were in the frame (been removed here) was part of the problem. But more was the fact that I wasn’t smacking you, the...

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on Oct 25, 2011 in Landscape Photography

“Bubbles” On a Grand Scale!

“So, what do you see here?” I was hit with that question a lot this morning and rightly so! This is Ausable Chasm, a gorgeous geological feature that mother nature has graciously filled with a river. Back in time at this spot the energy of the water was tapped, hence the seen before you. Now the water has this really cool look to it, what I call the “Milky Way Stretch.” With all the fall leaves in the system, the water has a stretched caramel look to it. That instantly got my attention and upon that I built my photography. This top shot is a wide image of the gorge from the bridge that spans it. The top shot was taken with a 24-70, the bottom with a 70-200 with a 1.7x attached. The photos I saw this morning are these two extremes, from wide to long. All image finishing done in ACR, mother nature didn’t need any help here! mtc… Photos captured by D3x, 24-70AFS / 70-200VRII on...

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